On Monday, January 7, Praful Kathuria and Katie Stillson started their new jobs as Manufacturing Operator 1st Shift with Seitz LLC. Prior to their direct hire by the company, Praful and Katie had successfully completed a two-week "working interview" arranged by The Arc of Litchfield County's (LARC) vocational program to ensure that the positions would be a good fit for both employees as well as the employer. "Seitz LLC feels that building a reserve of goodwill and strong commitment to our community not only benefits those we engage with but our own employees," said Hilary A. Delage, Human Resources Manager. "By doing so, we are boosting our team engagement and encouraging team building. Our goal is to create a positive impact on our community by bringing growth and innovation to the community and creating opportunities for future employees." The new partnership with Seitz is the most recent example of LARC's commitment to providing competitive integrated employment to the individuals it serves through its vocational program, and the most recent example of successful new partnership with Seitz.
Seitz Partners with LARC