On August 31st, Seitz will be hosting a “Sales Round Table”. This meeting will include our Sales Representatives, Burke Industrial Group (covering New England), Crenshaw Technical Resources (based out of Florida; assist in managing our #1 Customer Diebold Nixdorf), and Mooney (covering the West Coast). There will be discussions on Seitz’s future sales strategies, how can we grow the business, and how will this be accomplished and sustained. As our Sales Representatives are strategically located, they can work with customers to find what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process. Our Sales Representatives help us to keep the “pulse” on new and existing business. During this visit, Crenshaw will be arriving in their newly acquired 38’ mobile office. It has been completely wrapped with Crenshaw, Seitz, and other logos of suppliers they represent and outfitted with a variety of high tech equipment. The rig is a useful tool, as it provides great flexibility, cost savings, and conveniences that help Crenshaw serve Seitz and our mutual customers in new and more effective ways. The Crenshaw team not only works remotely from the trailer, but it also serves as hotel! Crenshaw also tows a second trailer which houses their car and scooter to heighten their mobility.