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Joule of a Design (Transport Carrier)

Plastic Medical Sample Transport Carrier
Many of us have no idea how hospitals efficiently transport paperwork, specimen samples, or medications throughout the hospital to nursing stations, labs, or hospital pharmacies. Seitz LLC does. Seitz also knows how abusive the journey can be for a transport carrier traveling 17 mph down a maze of curved pipe subjected to high G-forces and abrupt arrival stops.

Our Drive for World Class Reliability

Harsh Environment Gear Drive Unit
A plastic gear drive unit living in a harsh environment with automotive reliability standards was a major requirement for Seitz from the voice of the customer interview (VOC). Quality and reliability are often confused as being two separate concepts when in fact they are closely related. Where Quality asks the question: Does a product perform its intended function? Reliability asks the question: How long will it continue to perform its intended function? Have you ever been enticed by a product because of how it performs when it is new only to become disappointed as the product ages and its performance declines? We at Seitz LLC understand your disappointment and understand that quality products attract customers but reliable products keep customers.

Improving Upon an Existing Device

Seitz SR3 Spring Return Actuator
The HVAC industry has been using zone dampers for decades. Behind the scenes, usually above ceiling tiles in office buildings or attics in homes, are square or round ducts providing filtered cool or heated air to selected areas of a building to keep its occupants comfortable throughout the day and/or evening. When a leading HVAC zone damper manufacturer approached Seitz LLC to design and build an actuator which was more efficient, powerful, and reliable, we took on the challenge, and developed our own product for the customer.