Seitz expertly maintains its current equipment and strategically invests to improve capabilities and support key markets and customers.

Seitz has partnered with Arburg for new programs and recapitalization of our press base after identifying that the equipment and support provided by Arburg was closest to our future vision for Seitz’ molding.  In the last 3 years, Seitz has added 13 new presses in the US and 6 in China targeted at supporting new business opportunities identified through our strategic planning process.  We have added an additional 4 in the US and 2 in China. In addition, we have brought in the support equipment; robots (ARI Servo robots), dryers, mold heaters, conveyors, Mokon High Temperature mold heaters, hot oil heaters, CO2 cleaners, etc. to enable these investments to perform to their potential. 

Accurately tracking progress and tying processes and systems together was also identified as a key initiative.  Seitz implemented IQMS EIQ as our new company system in 2013.  This system has tied departments together and has provided new meaning to the term “real time”.  Our presses are tied with our planning and scheduling system, floor quality reporting, and production reporting.  All departments are looking at the same data to make decisions and this extends to key documents such as prints, setup sheets, and work instructions which are only accessible electronically to production associates.

While the majority of capital from a dollars standpoint has been invested in molding and mold making, we have added two ultrasonic welders with feedback systems to our assembly department.  These machines allow us to set and control processes to a higher level and improve repeatability in this key process.  Assembly has also benefited from our continuous investment in Poka-Yoke devices and assembly aids to balance flow and make it more difficult every day to produce nonconforming parts.  Our Kaizen based approach to setting up and refining assembly cells provides a healthy breeding ground for continuous improvement and associate involvement at all levels.