At Seitz, our process is one of the most critical aspects of delivering our unique value. The ability to coordinate a holistic manufacturing approach, from design engineering, to tooling, to sourcing, to production and assembly, to quality control and distribution is overseen by a customized logistics workflow. This system allows us to identify and optimize individual manufacturing steps in any given product, as well as to see all production simultaneously. This ability to see the forest and each of the trees allows Seitz to finely tune quality, efficiency, and timely delivery.

Our unique process was developed and is driven by a team of experienced program managers, engineers and logisticians committed to a core set of guiding principles and values. It is based on the knowledge that by working closely with customers to combine their innovative product concepts with our design, engineering, tooling and manufacturing expertise, we can produce better-designed, better-working products that are more ergonomic, more functional, longer-lasting, more efficient, and add value to end users and customer brands alike.

We can adjust our process to meet the needs of our customer so that we always ensure the highest quality, efficiency and service whether tooling and building a precision gear, or designing, tooling, and manufacturing a complete electromechanical assembly.