Collaborative Engineering

Collaborative engineering is a pillar of Seitz value and allows Seitz to dramatically elevate product quality and customer satisfaction. Seitz’s expert mechanical engineers are uniquely experienced in translating customer product concepts into practical, efficient and ergonomic products and assemblies.

Our engineering capability allows Seitz to seamlessly integrate with customers the way they need us to. We have full engineering capabilities to either replace or enhance your design, analysis, and testing processes for your product development needs. Our engineers are well trained in the latest state of the art design and analysis tools including CAD, finite element analysis, and thermoplastic injection molding computer software, and Design for Manufacture, to perfect designs before incurring the expense of production tooling.

In addition to a solid foundation in mechanical engineering, our engineers extensive experience with related thermoplastic injection molding processes such as ultrasonic welding, heat staking, pad printing, over molding and more. Our experienced team is also knowledgeable in areas including roller bearing design and application, powder metal design, sheet metal design, steel shaft design, fasteners, AC and DC motors. We design far more than injection molded components.