Custom Plastic Gears and Drives

Seitz has decades of experience producing custom, high-quality plastic gears and drives for a wide range of industries. From the specialized plastic gears that allow the world's banks dispense currency, to large-scale custom planetary gears allowing solar systems to follow the sun, Seitz delivers quality and efficiency. Our experienced engineers have an intricate working knowledge not only of the customer application, but how to control our plastic injection molding process to produce gears and drives that accurately and repeatably meet even the most demanding specification. Seitz also designs, manufactures and stores customer gear and drive tools that provide customers with exacting results for decades to come.

Today, Seitz designs, engineers and delivers far more than custom plastic gears alone. To deliver customer value and meet today's fast-moving, lean market needs, Seitz also designs, engineers and builds complete plastic injection molded and electromechanical assemblies. By configuring our plastic injection molding equipment, process and workflow and a highly trained team, Seitz helps customers produce better complete products with fewer vendors and greater efficiency.